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How do the colours and levels work?

Year 1

Your child will start at magenta, then progress through red, yellow, blue and after 1 year at school are usually at green.

At magenta they learn about reading, such as the idea that words are read from left to right. By the time they are reading at the green level they understand the stories they read, recognise many words, and can check that their reading sounds like talking.

Year 2

By the end of their second year at school your child will usually have completed orange and be reading at turquoise. They're becoming an independent reader who can read longer texts and with expression. They will have a range of comprehension strategies that help them understand what they're reading and be able to think critically about what they read.

Year 3

By the end of 3 years at school your child should have completed purple and be reading at gold. This means they're confidently using many reading and comprehension strategies to understand their reading and think critically about longer, more complicated texts.

Colour wheel progressions